Terms & Conditions

1. Confirmation and Deposit for Social Functions:

  • At the time of confirmation of the booking, the client needs to deposit a non refundable advance of 30% of the billing (including tax) as per the agreed Minimum Guaranteed Guests.
  • An additional 50% advance payment on the total billing (including tax) will be required four weeks prior to the event.
  • The balance 20% of the expected amount of the billing (including tax) will be required 3days prior to the event.
  • The Hotel reserves the right to cancel any tentative booking, which is not confirmed through desirable advance as per MOU.
  • Should there be any extra billing during the event the client will settle this on the conclusion of the event by Cash / Card Only.

2. Cancellations policy
The advance received for all the events are non refundable and non transferable. Cancellation of any Function must be advised to the hotel in writing only. In the event of a function being cancelled, any Deposits paid will be redeemed only as follows

  • 30% of the advance will be forfeited and neither redeemed nor refunded under any circumstance.
  • If Cancelation is within 90 days and above of the event - 70% may be Refunded/Redeemed, if 100% advance has been received.
  • If Cancellation is within 45-60 days of the event - 25% may be Refunded / Redeemed, if 100% advance has been received.
  • If Cancellation is within 0 days-45 days of the event - No Refund

3. Standard time slots for different events:

  • Breakfast 7:00am till 10:00am.
  • Lunch 11:00am till 4:00pm.
  • Dinner 7:00pm till 11:00 pm.
    • Please note that use of Venue is limited to the duration of the time agreed to by the Hotel.
    • The Hotel Reserves the rights to switch off the lights and air conditioning of the venue after the above mentioned guidelines to facilitate the next event.
    • Banquet space will be closed at 11:00 pm. No guest use will be allowed after 11:00 pm.

4. F&B Policy :

  • There are no discounted rates for children
  • Food will be prepared only for 10% in excess, over the minimum guaranteed number of guests attending. Should the number of persons exceed over 10% of this guaranteed number, the Hotel would not be able to ensure consistency in quality of service and food.
  • All bills would be presented to you at the end of the function for your review and signatures and would be settled on the same day by cash or credit card.
  • All beverages(which are not included in function menu) would be charged extras on hotel menu rate.
  • Food & beverage items provided by the hotel are to be consumed in the hotel premises only.
  • No leftover food or beverage will be removed out of the hotel's premises for outside consumption.
  • No food & beverage of any kind will be permitted to be brought into the hotel for consumption in the function by the organizer or any of the guests without prior consent of the hotel.

5. Banquet Tax structure
• Hall Rental -15% (Service Tax on Hall charges) + 6% Service Tax on Food & Beverage Bill amount .

These taxes are currently applicable and are subject to change as per government regulations.

6. Safety of Assets & Security:

  • 1. The Hotel will not accept any responsibility for damage or loss of the guest belongings of any nature what- so-ever lost/misplaced left in the Hotel prior to, during or after the function.
  • 2. Any storage place created by the guest will be guarded by their own persons. The Hotel does not hold any responsibility unless the belongings are specifically handed over in written to the Hotel staff
  • 3. The Hotel will not be responsible for loss or otherwise missing valuable or other items that are displayed or are / were in the possession of the guest, during the event.
  • 4. As it is the Host who is in a better position to identify that any uninvited person or otherwise suspicious person has entered the venue, therefore the host should bring to the knowledge of the hotel security staff about any such person so that the remedial action can be initiated.
  • 5. The responsibility of loss / theft of any personal belongings in the form of bags, purses, mobile phone, gift articles, cash packets or envelopes containing cash, jewellery etc will not be implicated on the hotel .
  • 6. The hotel is similarly not liable for any missing child of the host or any of his guest.
  • 7. May it we clear that the hotel security is meant for the safety and security of the assets of the hotel and the scope of responsibility can- not and will not be accepted to extend to the losses of the above mentioned nature.
  • 8. The hotel security however shall go all the way jointly with the guest to launch a FIR /complaint as desired in the event of any loss or theft.
  • 9. Vehicle parking will be at Owner's risk.

Crackers, Dholwala & Shehnai, Tasha are not allowed inside the Hotel premises.

7. The Hotel does not permit:

  • Clients to use nails, scotch tapes or pins to put up posters or banners on the panels, walls, pillars or the doors of the banquet rooms and other parts of the structure of the premises.
  • Locking / blocking of the fire exit doors with their equipments.
  • Sawing or painting on walls, pillars, panels of any kind.
  • Moving of heavy equipments in the function rooms without proper protection for the floors.
  • Tampering or removal of Hotel's electrical or power installation.
  • The use of flammable and explosive materials for visual display.
  • Dumping of construction debris of any kind into the Hotel's compactor or back service areas.
  • All display materials like Welcome signage, banner etc. within the banquet area requires the approval of the Hotel management.
  • Backdrop if any should be self supporting and not on the wall of the Hotel.
  • Location of any client's signage must be confined within the function room premises.
  • For exhibitions and big set-ups, dimensional drawings / floor plans showing the layout of booths or stage / ramp, console, etc.must be submitted to the hotel for approval before any work can be carried out.
  • Playing loud music is not allowed in banquet halls.
  • The client is liable for any damage caused to the Hotel property or equipment by the client or their guest attending the event.
  • The Hotel reserve the right to recover cost of damage caused in the process of any violation of the above guideline
  • The people involved in the movement of the material and erecting the set-up for the event from the client's end needs to maintain discipline while on the hotel premises. They need to be in neat and clean/ proper uniforms. Also, they should be well disciplined and their movement should be confined to the defined area of the function venue. There should be no noise created by them outside the function area/in the corridors etc. All set-ups will have to happen under the supervision of the Hotel staff.

8. Venue Allocation

  • Allocation of space is in accordance with the minimum numbers expected. Should the minimum numbers fall below the initially advised numbers, the allocation of space would change (at the discretion of the hotel) in accordance to the capacity of each function room.

9. Audio Visual and Electrical Installations
All installations provided by the client or the hotel must be supervised by the Hotel Engineering Department. The client is requested to confirm to any recommendation made by the Hotel's management in this regard.

  • All audio visual equipment will be charged exb. tra as per actual. Please find attached the rate list and advice us on your requirement accordingly.

10. Entertainment Policy & Government Permissions
Necessary Government permissions must be procured by the Host/ Organizers wherever required for any purpose e.g. Fashion Shows, DJ, Live performances, product launches etc. The Hotel reserves the right to cancel any event without liability if these are not procured. The hotel does not encourage or permit sale or use for personal / group Alcohol or Drug consumption.

NOTE : There should be only one person designated who will co-ordinate or instruct the hotel staff regarding any changes / correction during On-going function so as to avoid any confusion which can arise due to different instruction from different people.
If at all, any dispute/conflict arises, it will be subject to Jamnagar jurisdiction.

11. Room Booking Policy

      a. Rate Policy

          As per government norms applicable Taxes are 12.5% Luxury Tax & 9 % Service Tax on Published Tariff, are subject to change as per government policies.

     b. Arrival & Departure Policy:

  • Check- in :    12 Noon
  • Check- out :  12 Noon
  • Early check-in and late check-out is subject to availability.
  • Arrival before 07:00 Hrs. retention will be charged as room is blocked from previous day.
  • Arrival between 07:00 Hrs. - 09:00 Hrs. Half day retention will be charged.
  • Departure after 15:00 Hrs. - 19:00 Hrs. Half day retention will be charged.
  • Departure after 19:00 Hrs. - Full retention to be charged.


     c. Guarantee Policy:

         Booking is guaranteed only against full payment in advance, payment is accepted in cash, cheque or via bank transfer.

     d.  Cancellation Policy:

  • Cancellation should be done before one week from the day of arrival, to be exempt from the cancellation (Retention) charge.
  • 50% retention will be charged on reserved room rate if it is cancelled less than one week of arrival date.
  • 100% retention will be charged on reserved room rate if it is cancelled less than 72 hours of the arrival date.
  •  All No shows will also attract 100% retention charges.

     e.  Extra Person:       

  • Child below 10 years complimentary (Without Bed).
  • Child above 10 years chargeable (With Bed).

 Pls Note: A recent Government notification requires guests to present original proof of identity at the time of check in.

Guests are requested to carry required document during their travel.



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